Budgewoi Beach Dunecare Inc



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Who We Are

Budgewoi Beach Dunecare commenced Coastal rehabilitation works along Budgewoi Beach in 1995 in collaboration with National Parks and Wildlife Service and 12 months later with Wyong Shire Council. Budgewoi Beach Dunecare has been instrumental in successfully implementing innovative restoration techniques, some of which are documented in the Coastal Dune Management Manual adopted by Wyong Shire Council in 2006.   

Since its inception a small group of volunteers have transformed 2km of Budgewoi Coastline from a degraded weed infested, sand mined wasteland into a balanced coastal ecosystem. Access-ways and raised walkways allow protection and appreciation of the coastal wetlands. Restored ecologically endangered communities allow an understanding of the need for biodiversity conservation.   


Our Mission


This web site is to help address the fundamental steps in coastal restoration and encourage our community to join in and be a part of caring for the coast.

Through Awareness - Understanding

Through Understanding - Appreciation

Through Appreciation - Protection.

What We Do

Works carried out by the group include:

  • Restoration of sand dune ecosystems and securing their biodiversity
  • Propagation, planting tube stock, direct seeding, and transplanting locally indigenous plants.
  • Site vegetation and weed  management,  maintenance and monitoring 
  • Access way, boardwalk, viewing platform, design and construction
  • Beach Profiling, fore-dune realignment, fore-dune stabilisation, and monitoring.
  • Connectivity of Ecologically Endangered Communities by linking fragmented coastal landscapes back to linear corridors and extending biodiversity of the site.
  • Lobbying for greater protection of our coastline.  The entire site having E2 (environmental conservation) status under the Local Environmental Planning Policy.
  • Involve all tiers of education, government and  the community in the restoration

  • Site Preparation

  • Planting Natives

  • Weeding