Budgewoi Beach Dunecare Inc



Primary Education

BBDC partnered Budgewoi Public School in the initial coastal restoration program. The practical component was planting of pig face on the reshaped foredune crest.


Secondary Education

Northlakes High School, Henry Kendall High School, Central Coast Christian School have all carried out practical dune restoration works and programs at Budgewoi beach.


Tertiary Education

Newcastle University 1997-2002 three specialist study students carried out their studies on Budgewoi Beach. These studies covered a range of monitoring activities designed to enhance an understanding of coastal restoration works being carried out by BBDC.


Marine Biology students from Newcastle University, Ourimba Campus have since 2008 annually monitored rehabilitated foredune profiles and vegetation to compare with non-rehabilitated foredune profiles. This important data has demonstrated an increased biodiversity in rehabilitated coastal dune systems at Budgewoi beach.





                                           Budgewoi Beach Dunecare celebrates its 20th Birthday


Paperbark Wetland

                                       Budgewoi Beach Dunecare Circuit Walk and Interpretive Signage

The aim was to provide information about the area that was rehabilitated by Budgewoi Beach Dunecare. This was to include the different
environments within the area, the resultant local native flora and fauna, and directions for the circuit walk along paths, boardwalk and beach area.

Also to provide an explanation about the area being designated an E2 zone, its environmental sensitivies and conservation value.