Budgewoi Beach Dunecare Inc







Injection watering was developed by BBDC in 1997 during severe drought with outstanding plant survival rates. When tube stock is planted out in unprotected coastal areas evaporation rates can be extreme. All methods of moisture retention are required during planting and without rain particularly during summer months, back up watering of newly planted tube stock is required to maintain their survival.


 Method :

 A pressurised water lance is inserted next to the plant root bowl. The water charged lance is kept inserted for 10-15 seconds prior slow retrieval, upon the lance coming to ground level the water is switched off and the process repeated for all newly planted tube stock.      



Dedicated Water Trailer: In 2013 BBDC purchased a galvanised box trailer and had it fitted with a 600Litre water tank, fire pump, and hose reel with 120 metres of hose. This allowed our team to injection water many of the newly planted tube stock. This purchase was made possible through our sponsors and Local Land Services grant funding.

watering trailer